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Dark Gum Laser Dentistry - New York International

A Solution to Dark Gums

Removing excess melanin has been addressed by many dentists through gum tissue grafting procedures. The procedure often involves treating the roof of the mouth and the affected tissues surrounding the teeth to achieve results. With our state of the art process, everything is different.

Our practice is the only known dental office using Opus Dent technology as a solution to dark gums. Less invasive and relatively pain-free, our laser procedure may yield faster and longer lasting results compared to standard gum treatments. The procedure uses special lasers set at predefined power levels that may suit your degree of comfort and treatment requirement.

Professional Dental Care for Everyone

Dr. Bram is one of the few cosmetic dentists offering gum treatments in the country. Years of experience and continuous interactions with a multi-cultured patient base allowed Dr. Bram to develop the melanin laser procedure. His dedication and interest in adapting the Opus Dent technology eventually led to innovative special lasers.

Our dentist strives to help all patients entering our office, regardless of cultural background. He develops customized treatment plans to match the extent of pigmentation, from spotty to completely dark or black gums. He may also provide other treatment options to achieve the change you want in your smile.

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